What a Ripper!

We’re often asked by customers whether you can cut wood with a Stihl saw. The simple answer is yes! You can cut wood with a Stihl saw using a Ripper Blade.

This is a handy, bi-directional blade which is ideal for those clear up tasks. Need to chop up a railway sleeper? No problem. Spotted some fallen branches? Easy. Simply pop on a tungsten carbide Ripper Blade and let its random tungsten clusters do the job. Swap the direction of the blade the next time you use it to sharpen the segments.

Its ferocious and unique tungsten carbide TCT cluster segments mean it can rip through most materials in its path, from decking, to rubber tyres, to tree roots.

Why do we love it so much? Well:

  • It’s Bi-Directional, which increase the blades life by 50% as it re-sharpens itself.
  • It has Laser slots for noise reduction.
  • It has a heavy steel centre for durability and increased steadiness at high speeds.

A must have all rounder for the works van.

For the right blade for the job call our friendly team on 0800 916 8563 and ask our team.

Our Diamond Promise

  • Our blades help you work smarter and not harder delivering more cuts per blade than standard industry blades.
  • Next day delivery so you can get on with the job.