We care about more than just making money. And we believe the journey to success must involve giving back.

We donate to a number of charitable causes throughout the year.

Some of the charities we have supported are outlined below. 


‘ANCHOR’ stands for Aberdeen and North Centre for Haematology, Oncology and Radiotherapy.

The ANCHOR unit covers the dedicated wards and clinics within Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for oncology and haematology patients. The charity not only offers additional care, comfort and support to patients during their time at the ANCHOR unit, but also invests in the latest technology to continually develop and improve cancer diagnosis and treatment which has no doubt touched each and every one of us in some way or other, people we know, be it friends, family or workmates.

You can find out more at: https://friendsofanchor.org/


 “Compassion in action” is RRT’s motto and they do an amazing job globally supporting communities in need. Specifically, they provide emergency and disaster relief by offering quality catering assistance and tangible support in times of crisis to charities, government and emergency services, confronting some of humankind’s greatest challenges. 

When disaster strikes, the RRT is equipped to step in at a moment’s notice and provide quality refreshments and real, heart-felt support  to those affected. Other causes they support are homelessness, youth-focussed charities, and health & disability. Their global league of volunteers operate from the heart to bring some relief and hope to people from all walks of life, from frontline heroes fighting wildfires, to those simply struggling with the realities of life.

To find out more about their valuable work, visit: www.rrtglobal.org


Cancer Research receives no government funding for research and their life-saving work relies on the money donated to them.

Thanks to supporters of Cancer Research, they have saved millions of lives by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. Over the past century, researchers have made consistent progress in the fight against cancer, and the survival rate has doubled over the past 40 years. There are many ways to help cancer research, be it giving money, donating goods, or sacrificing your time.

To find out more on how you can help, go to: www.cancerresearchuk.org


OneSchool Global is a registered global independent school. Supporting 126 campuses globally, it’s motto is ‘Learning To Learn’, which means to use learning as a tool to empower the student to take the initiative and responsibility for their own education.

OneSchool places an emphasis on how the students are learning, not just what, thus enabling them to think critically, process information perceptually, analyse data accurately and evaluate situations intelligently in order that they fulfil their true potential. Due to advanced progress in this world-class SDL (Self-Directed Learning) model adopted by OneSchool, standards reached by its students are such, that school leavers have a much higher understanding of what is expected of them as a self-motivated employee, and their capabilities result in a much quicker transition into employment. We donate over £30,000 per annum to this worthy cause.

For further information, visit: www.oneschoolglobal.com/