Measuring Performance

Most of the major efficiencies in construction come down to saving valuable labour time. The length of time you can cut without interruption or, in simpler terms, the endurance of the blade, can make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Every job will be slightly different, just due to the varying mature of the materials you will be cutting, we know that.

When we looked for a way to test our blades against each other for their endurance qualities, we chose the humble 7N Standard Concrete Block as our consistent unit of measurement. 

It’s more reliable than estimating cut distances in metres or miles because the materials you cut will vary depending on the job. 

Diatech’s Cut Rating System is consistently applied across all of our blades so you are never comparing the cutting distance of an asphalt road to a concrete floor. You can clearly compare, blade to blade, it’s ability to cut a single, standard piece of material, and adjust expectations on performance according to your specific material requirements. 

Every blade Diatech manufactures is now tested thoroughly against this system to measure how many standard concrete blocks the blade will cut before needing changed. The higher the cut rating, the longer it will last, and the less blade changes you will need to make.


Delivering Value

Diatech’s professional blades, although maybe appearing to be more expensive, ultimately deliver better value for money. 

With higher cut ratings, you’ll save valuable time having to stop work and swap blades, improving overall productivity and minimising labour costs. 

Take, for instance, the CVR10 which has a cut rating of 500 vs the SG15 with a cut rating of 3000.

To do the same job as the SG15, you will need to use 6 CVR10 blades compared to a single SG15, and you’ll save the time of doing 5 blade swap outs over the course of the job.

Even for the fastest blade swappers out there, that’s a lot of time where you’re not cutting, and it’s costing you money.

So, if you’re looking to improve your bottom line, consider taking your next blade purchase up to a higher cut rated blade and watch your time efficiency improve exponentially.