Meet the TDI5 – The Ultimate Civil Engineering Blade

With one of our highest cut ratings, the TD15 is the ultimate civil engineering blades available. Delivering approximately 3500 cuts, fast cutting multi-material diamond cutting disc is an all-round performer and excels in its class.

It delivers a truly impressive and professional performance, reinforced by Superweld Technology, and outstanding safety specifications which exceed industry standards.

Suitable for both dry and wet cutting applications, this blade can be used on a 300mm handheld saw such as the Stihl TS410, Husqvarna K770, Hycon HCS16, amongst many others. It will cut easily through reinforced concrete, paving stones, most natural stone, and asphalt.

A favourite with Aberdeen based crews, due to its ability to cut hard materials and asphalt that has a high concentration of granite, you’ll want the TD15 in your kit bag if you’re a civil engineer with a job to do.

Keep yourself safe while cutting by using a high quality dust suppression water bottle to dampen the dust.

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