Let’s do the twist! Meet Diatech’s Twist Knot Wire Brush

If you are working on bridges, pavements, railway tracks, piping systems, ships, and other structures regularly, then you’ll be well versed in the upkeep and maintenance of expansion joints. Diatech’s rare twist knot wire brush wheel is something you’ll definitely want in your kit bag.

Ideal for use with a Stihl cut off saw, the Diatech WB300 Twist Knot Wire Brush can be used for a great many applications, including taking out old expansion joints quickly and easily, rusting off steel for weld preparation and removing cement off scaffold planks and hand tools with ease – extending their lifespan and improving safety on site by removing trip hazards.

The Diatech WB300 Twist Knot Wire Brush has a rare, tightly twisted, knotted spoke design, giving you more precision with your grind in tight corners, and is proving to be a real hit with our civil engineering clients.

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