The Stonemason’s Natural Choice

Natural stone often has veins, cracks, and other irregularities that can cause it to chip, crack, or break unpredictably during cutting. Using tools to enhance the precision of your cuts, for professional stonemasons, is a must.

Diatech has a range of specialist cutting blades available for stonemasonry work, however two blades in particular are firm favourites with our stonemasonry customers. These are the Flush Cut Diamond Blade for Abrasive Materials and the T-Tech Diamond Cutting Disc Multi Material.

The T-tech multi-material cutting disc has a unique turbo segment design which produces a fast clean cut for both wet and dry cuts in multi-materials. The Triple Technology used in the T-Tech’s advanced design enhances its performance, durability, and versatility through a combination of high quality diamond materials, precision engineered teeth, and heat resistant blade coatings.

If you are working in conditions where you need a flush cut, however, the Flush Cut Diamond Blade for Abrasive Materials is the ideal choice.

With a hardened M14 steel flange and 8 counter sunk screw fixings to provide additional stability, you’ll be able to achieve an unlimited depth of cut on sandstone, soft stone, general masonry, natural stone as well as concrete. This blade is also available in a version without the flange.

The T-Tech, by comparison, is a great all-round multi-material cutting blade which delivers an impressive cut rating of 1200 cuts using Diatech’s unique cut rating measure. Available on every blade so you can easily project the lifetime of a blade and its cutting capabilities, 1200 cuts will keep you cutting on site longer, and help you maximise your work time with less blade changes.

Diatech’s diamond cutting blades contain a higher diamond concentration than competitor blades, bringing exceptional hardness and abrasion resistance to their overall performance, meaning you can maintain cutting efficiency over extended periods.

Our Diamond Promise

  • Our blades help you work smarter and not harder delivering more cuts per blade than standard industry blades.
  • Next day delivery so you can get on with the job.

Our friendly team are always here to help answer your questions, and guide you to the best blade for the job, so if you want to give them a call, you can reach them on 01738 444606 – they’ll help get you sorted.