Stonemasons Feel Flush with Diatech’s Blades

Stonemasonry may be one of the world’s oldest professions, dating back thousands of years, but the tools for the job have moved on considerably since the humble mallet and chisel.

Diatech’s Flush Cut Diamond Blade for Abrasive Materials is the ideal tool when you are looking for depth of cut on sandstone, soft stone, natural stone and general masonry, not to mention concrete.

Available in 115mm, 125mm and 230mm sizes, the Flush Cut Diamond Blade has a hardened M14 steel flange, rather than aluminium, with 8 countersunk screw fixings, rather than just the usual 4, to give it more stability, giving you the perfect flush cut with a small grinder.

The enhanced safety properties of this blade are far superior to the more traditional blades on the market as a direct result of its 8 countersunk screws and steel flange, making the blade more durable and dependable.

So, whether you are tackling the modern equivalent of Mount Olympus, or simply needing a closer cut, give our friendly team a call on 0800 916 8563 and we’ll get you sorted with a flush cut blade that suits you.

Our job as your diamond product supplier is:

  • To make your life as easy as possible – by helping you choose the right blade for your job and getting it in your hands as quickly as possible
  • To help you make profit – by cutting quickly, with minimal blade changes

Getting the right blade, for the right job, at the right time, will save you both time and money.

Our expert team will help match your job with the best blade and we’ll get it to you next day.

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Give our friendly team a call on 0800 916 8563 and we’ll get you sorted.