Perfect for Porcelain

There has been increasing popularity in the use of porcelain tiles outdoors, especially when continuing a design aesthetic from the inside to outdoors. Today, outdoor porcelain tiles have become much more common. The benefits of porcelain outdoor paving, such as <0.1% water absorption, resistance to fading from UV radiation, and resilience against staining from salt/moss/chemicals, provide a surface that is very dense and durable. Porcelain tiles can provide an amazing finish and are strong, but brittle and can be prone to chipping when cutting.
As a dense material, porcelain is a hard material to cut. 20mm – 30mm outdoor porcelain pavers are even more challenging to cut. This is why water cutting, using a good quality continuous rim diamond blade is vital. With the right blade and the use of water, you can cut porcelain pavers with precision.

Our Diatech PC2 blade is a great for cutting porcelain. At just 2mm thick, with a specially formulated diamond bond, it can cut through outdoor porcelain up to 30mm thick.
Why bother?
  • Fast-cutting
  • Long-lasting
  • Less down-time changing blades
  • Want to work smarter and not harder? We can help you.
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