Instagram Trend puts Porcelain Paving at the Cutting Edge of Cool

Is porcelain paving on your client’s patio plans this summer? If so, you’ll be looking for a cutting solution that will get a clean and accurate cut.

While natural stone paving, sandstone paving, limestone paving and slate paving still remain popular, porcelain paving has seen a surge in interest in recent years, fuelled by a wide array of gorgeous patio shots shared on social media platform Instagram.

Now, according to builders’ merchant, Jewson, porcelain has hit the top 5 of garden materials to be tagged on the platform with the hashtag #porcelainpaving capturing over 35,000 hashtag mentions. Likewise, Google search trends show an equally steep increase in searches for porcelain paving, with search demand more than tripling in recent years.

As we celebrate National Gardening Day on the 14th April ,and garden projects start to take centre stage, it’s likely that you’ll be looking for a trusty blade that can cut cleanly through this latest trend in garden patios: porcelain.

The increasing popularity in the use of porcelain tiles outdoors is undeniable and the benefits of porcelain outdoor paving include:

  • <0.1% water absorption
  • resistance to fading from UV radiation
  • resilience against staining from salt/moss/chemicals

Porcelain also provides a surface that is very dense and durable, not to mention an amazing finish. But there’s a catch! Porcelain tiles are strong but brittle. They can be prone to chipping when cutting with 20mm – 30mm outdoor porcelain pavers presenting even more of a challenge.

This is where Diatech can help.

The Diatech PC2 Superthin Porcelain Diamond Blade is a ideal for cutting porcelain. At just 2mm thick, with a specially formulated strong diamond bond segment matrix this blade considerably reduces chipping. It can cut through outdoor porcelain up to 30mm thick with its reinforced flange also making it more stable. This is by far the best blade for cutting porcelain slabs, especially Marshalls symphony porcelain paving.

Available in both a 300mm and 350mm size cutting discs we recommend cutting with water to ensure a smooth cut and absolute precision.

Our Diamond Promise

  • Diatech’s blades help you work smarter and not harder delivering more cuts per blade than standard industry blades.
  • Next day delivery so you can get on with the job.