How do you know?

We’re delighted to welcome two new team members this month and we’ve been showered with questions from them about our products.

“How do our customers know they are getting value for money?” Asked Jade. And it’s an excellent question.

“Why would some blades be laser welded and some not?” Another question, this time from Jay.

“How do customers know they are using the right blades?” Another great question from Jade!

These questions have been coming in thick and fast and, do you know what, they are all brilliant questions to ask. Why? Well, because we are all creatures of habit.

We often use the tools we were shown when we were first on the job maybe 10 years ago but technology advances every day and 10 years is a long time in product manufacturing terms. Advancement in manufacturing processes have seriously enhanced the composition of the diamond matrix, focusing on the optimisation of the bond, and therefore vastly improving the diamond cutting performance.

For those customers still using blades that have not been manufactured using ultra-modern processes, they are really missing a massive efficiency trick. The technology we use in our blades today is streets ahead in terms of performance, value for money and safety.

But, well, we know the older equipment better and it still does the job, right? Yes, yes it will. But it will do it slower. With less precision. And more risk.

For your company, surely it’s all about £’s per cut, not the cost per blade? Every 10 minutes wasted changing a blade amounts to an average cost of £5 in labour for the average construction worker. If you’re swapping blades frequently, you’re losing money. Plain and simple.

And that value for money our customers are looking for? It’s partly about that time saved, but it’s also about the overall performance of the product. Our more expensive blades are more expensive because they are made with a higher concentration of diamond. These blades can cut for longer and will need replaced less often. All saving you time and money.

So, if you are looking for the right blades for the job, then you just need to give us a call on 0800 916 8563 and ask our expert team for their advice. They understand that cutting concrete in Aberdeen may need a different type of blade from cutting concrete in Cornwall, so an “off the shelf” approach just won’t cut it. Literally.

If you’re looking for better value for money, the right blade for the job or just a safer solution, call our friendly team on 0800 916 8563 and ask our team.

Our Diamond Promise

  • Our blades help you work smarter and not harder delivering more cuts per blade than standard industry blades.
  • Next day delivery so you can get on with the job.