Fast cutting – with Diatech you’re in pole position

Fast cutting – with Diatech you’re in pole position

Our TD10 blade is our fastest cutting blade. So, when you’re in a time critical environment, such as a rail track possession, or a highways project and needing to get the job done, we can help.

With its continuous “pie-crust” rim, this blade delivers a fast cut in hard materials and hard rock, such as granite.

The 230mm diameter is ideal for roofing contractors – a fast cut in hard material and stone where other blades would fail to perform. Roofing contractors want instant start, low-noise and “eco”, using Lithium-ion powered saws with no fuel storage risks.

Available sizes: 115/22mm, 125/22mm, 150/22mm, 230/22mm, 300/20mm, 300/22mm, 350/20mm & 350/25mm.

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