Diatech – Struggling with tough Asphalt?

We appreciate that some asphalts are more challenging to cut than others, such as those using hard granites of North East Scotland or Shap in Cumbria and flint based in the South East and Thames Valley.

Whether it’s a time-critical road closure or a new utility installation, if you have tough asphalt to cut and need to get your project sorted, we can help.

The APF20 professional, is a fast diamond asphalt cutting blade with an excellent cost-per-metre rate. Three deep undercut segments protect its laser welded segments. The APF20 diamond asphalt cutting blades are suitable for dry or wet cutting, and you can improve efficiency by using water.

You’ll benefit from a fast cut and a long-lasting blade, meaning that you can focus on getting your project sorted, not wasting time changing blades.
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  • Why bother?
  • Fast-cutting
  • Long-lasting
  • Less down-time changing blades
  • Want to work smarter and not harder? We can help you.
  • Need your kit tomorrow to get that project sorted? We can help you.

Call our friendly team on 0800 916 8563, and they’ll help get you sorted.