Diamonds, right to the core

When you’re needing to wet drill, then look no further than Diatech’s professional wet diamond core drill for speedy drilling and exceptional performance.

Wet drilling is particularly useful for plumbing projects, pipes, maintenance holes, or drilling in concrete and brick.

Diatech’s high performance revolutionary diamond segments are laser welded onto wet core barrels which will outperform your expectations when used for drilling construction products, including reinforced concrete.

Whether used on a fixed rig or a hand-held drill, Diatech’s professional wet diamond core drill, when assisted with a supply of water, will produce an exceptionally clean, fast, cut.

Lifespan of the drill depends on several factors, including the sharpness of the diamonds, type, age of concrete and type of aggregate. Quantity of steel rebar within the concrete also affects the life of the core bit. 52mm-400mm available in lengths up to 2000mm. Other diameters and lengths available on request.

We have over 60 wet core variations in stock for immediate next day dispatch.

If you are looking for advice on the best wet diamond core drilling, call our friendly team today on 0800 916 8563, and they’ll help get you sorted.

If diamond wet drilling isn’t for you, how about trying our dry diamond core drill bits

Our Diamond Promise

  • Our cores help you work smarter and not harder delivering more holes per core than standard industry cores*.
  • Next day delivery so you can get on with the job.