Cutting through concrete is easy with Diatech’s range of professional blades

Diatech has a blade for every kind of concrete job, so whether you are looking for speed, accuracy or endurance, we’ve got it covered.

We asked our expert sales team what their top picks would be and here’s what they said:


I’ve been working in the construction sector for over five years now and my go to blade for concrete is the SG15. With a 3000 cut rating, this blade has real endurance for those bigger jobs and is one of our top performing professional blades – a real hit with my customers.

The SG15s use Superweld technology and have a full 12mm segment height with slanted gullets for wet and dry cutting. They are available in a 300mm version for Stihl saws and a 230mm version for angle grinder discs so nice and versatile too.


When I started at Diatech I learned so much about the different technology behind the blades, and have also really enjoyed hearing from our customers which blades work best for them. My pick of the concrete cutters would have to be the Pacemaster (PM) as we call it. With a 2400 cut rating it still has the endurance of the SG15 and delivers an outstanding performance. It also uses Superweld technology and is suitable for dry cut and wet cut. The Pacemaster’s also available in a wide range of sizes from 300 to 600, so potentially offers more versatility than the SG15.


I started at Diatech earlier this year and, like Jade, I’ve really enjoyed learning about all the different products and their uses. For me one of the all round star performers for concrete cutting is the CD15s. It has a good cut rating of 1600 cuts and contains 11mm diamond segments with slanted gullets so you can cut through a concrete block in an amazing 8 seconds. Its super-light body also helps you save fuel on your cut-off saw and the cooling holes prevent overheating.

This week we’re offering customers who purchase ANY 5 of these discs, mix and match, you’ll get A SIXTH DISC FREE* plus a FREE 1L bottle of Diatech 2 Stroke Oil included with your order.

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Our Diamond Promise

  • Our blades help you work smarter and not harder delivering more cuts per blade than standard industry blades.
  • Next day delivery so you can get the job done.

Subject to terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

  • The least expensive disc will be deducted from your invoice when you select 6 discs from the PM, SG15 and CD15s range, any size.
  • A 1L bottle of Diatech’;s 2 Stroke Oil will be added to your order free of charge.
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