Core Values: How Diatech’s Diamond Core Drills Cut Right Through

Precision drilling is so critical which is why Diatech’s line of diamond core drills have been designed to make your job easier and more precise.

Our high-performance revolutionary diamond segments will see you safely through to the other side, with their laser welded segments easily outperforming expectations on a range of construction materials including reinforced concrete.

Whether used on a fixed rig or a hand-held drill, Diatech’s professional wet diamond core drill, when assisted with a supply of water, will produce an exceptionally clean, fast cut.

Whether you’re looking to wet or dry drill, then Diatech’s professional ranges of wet diamond core drills and dry core drills are perfect for combining both speedy drilling and exceptional drilling performance.

Wet drilling can be used for plumbing projects, pipes, maintenance holes, or drilling in concrete and brick and Diatech offers over sixty wet core variations, in stock, and ready for next day delivery right to your door.

If you are dry core drilling, Diatech’s Diamond Dry Core Drill Bits are slotted for effortless performance and the steel core built with a ribbed surface to reduce friction as it spins through a range of building materials.

We highly recommend, no matter what you are looking to drill, giving our friendly and knowledgeable team a call for their advice on the best tool for the right material – you’ll reach them on 01738 444606 and they’ll help get you sorted with the right solution.

Our job as your diamond product supplier is:

  • To make your life as easy as possible – by helping you choose the right blade for your job and getting it in your hands as quickly as possible
  • To help you make profit – by cutting quickly, with minimal blade changes

Getting the right blade, for the right job, at the right time, will save you both time and money.

Our expert team will help match your job with the best blade and we’ll get it to you next day.

We’re confident that we deliver great products at great prices alongside excellent service and who can ask for more than that?

Give our friendly team a call on 01738 444606 and we’ll get you sorted.

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