Cut Faster or Cut Longer – The Choice is Yours

Not every job is the same. Sometimes you’ll be operating in a time critical environment, such as a rail track possession, or a highways project and needing to get the job done quickly, or you want just simply need to save time over the job duration from continuously changing blades. Whether it’s speed or durability you are looking for, Diatech has a solution for both.


With its continuous “pie-crust” rim, the TD10 blade delivers a fast cut in hard materials and hard rock, such as granite.

Its 230mm diameter is ideal for roofing contractors – a fast cut in hard material and stone where other blades would fail to perform. Roofing contractors want instant start, low-noise and “eco”, using Lithium-ion powered saws with no fuel storage risks.

Want to know more, then take a look at it on our Youtube channel here.


With up to 3,000 cuts the SG15 professional concrete top-performing blade is laser welded and has a full 12 mm segment height with slanted gullets for wet and dry cutting.

The SG15 is Diatech’s most popular high-specification dedicated concrete blade. If you need to cut concrete, with minimal blade changes, the SG15 will save you time and money.

Our job as your diamond product supplier is:

  • To make your life as easy as possible – by helping you choose the right blade for your job and getting it in your hands as quickly as possible
  • To help you make profit – by cutting quickly, with minimal blade changes

Getting the right blade, for the right job, at the right time, will save you both time and money.

Our expert team will help match your job with the best blade and we’ll get it to you next day.

We’re confident that we deliver great products at great prices alongside excellent service and who can ask for more than that?

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