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What saw is right for me?

It depends on what the saw will be used for. You can purchase a floor [...]

We calibrate our blades with a cut system, so what does a Diatech ‘cut’ represent?

A Diatech cut represents one cut in a 7.5N concrete building block, therefore an 800 [...]

How is Diatech helping the construction industry to achieve net zero?

Diatech’s high quality durable products last longer and cut faster, so the saws use less [...]

What’s the benefit of using Hycon hydraulic equipment?

Hycon hydraulic equipment is extremely reliable, with minimal HAV (Hand Arm Vibration), low noise application [...]

What equipment should I use for cutting and drilling underwater?

Diatech is a Hycon distributor, supplying a range of hydraulic saws, hydraulic core drills and [...]

What petrol saw would I purchase to drive Diatech’s diamond blades?

If you want a 100mm depth of cut, we recommend the Stihl TS410 12” (300mm), [...]

Why should I choose Diatech?

After three decades of successful trading, Diatech is now one of the UK’s premium diamond [...]

I need a metal cutting blade that gives a consistent depth of cut without it wearing down and reducing in diameter. What blade should I use?

We would recommend our VB10 Vacuum Brazed Diamond Blade. This vacuum brazed, thin blade is [...]

How can HAVs (hand arm vibration) be prevented?

HAVs can be prevented by working within the specified HSE guidelines for tools and using [...]