The 5 Best Diamond Blades for Cutting Concrete in the UK in 2022

The diamond blade is a vital piece of equipment for cutting concrete.

Whether you need to cut kerbstones, paving slabs, or drainage pipes, this versatile product gets the job done fast.

Concrete is one of the most commonly cut materials on-site, so it’s essential to have the right diamond blade for the job. If you need to cut concrete, you need a diamond blade designed, developed, and manufactured specifically for this application and is fit for purpose. Quality blades provide optimal price per cut, long-life and minimal downtime, reducing the cost of changing cheaper blades.

Finding the best blade for your application can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. This article should help narrow down your decision! We’ve highlighted five-diamond blades that are great for cutting concrete.

Many different diamond blades are available on the market, so it’s essential to match the right blade with your need. When it comes to diamond blades for concrete, there are a few factors you need to consider before making your purchase.


Why choose a quality blade?

Why not choose a £20 blade? Apart from the safety risks associated with unaccredited suppliers, a cheap blade is unlikely to provide long life and a satisfactory result, wasting resources and reducing profit.

  • Protection – Your team are a critical resource and needs to be protected. Fast cutting blades reduce operator stress due to less exposure to vibration, less noise and less time using the tool.
  • Better value – Slow cutting blades use more fuel to complete each cut, whereas a professional blade reduces fuel consumption and saves precious resources.
  • Reduced downtime – On average, you may have to use several low-cost blades for every quality blade.
  • Less mess – Thinner blades reduce cut width and dust generation, saving time and materials. They balance slenderness with integrity to deliver optimal cuts effectively and safely.
  • Effective – Segmented diamond blades are a popular choice for cutting concrete as they tend to grind the material away much more effectively, extending the diamond blade’s lifespan.
  • Certainty – You need to get the job done, not have problems. Choose a provider offering a no-quibble guarantee.
  • Get the right blade to suit your application – A cut guide. Blades are graded by the number of typical cuts across various applications. Cut guides help you can match blade capacity to your need.
  • Confidence – Select an established, trusted supplier that you can trust to deliver value with good, verified and independent reviews (such as FeeFo).


Five diamond blades for cutting concrete

These diamond blades are, in our opinion, best for cutting concrete:

  • Diatech SG15 with up to 3,000 cuts – The SG15 professional concrete top-performing blade is laser welded and has a full 12 mm segment height with slanted gullets for wet and dry cutting. The SG15 is Diatech’s most popular high-specification dedicated concrete blade.
  • Diatech F1 Plus with up to 3,000 cuts – If you’re looking for a blade that will cut a broad range of construction products, including tar, asphalt, sandstone, abrasive materials, stone and paviors, try the F1 plus. This professional multi-use diamond blade has 21 castellated segments. An 11 mm segment height and extra deep segments eliminate centre plate undercutting caused by abrasive particles. This premium blade saves time on site, swapping between blades.
  • The Norton Clipper Classic Beton Diamond Blade – is designed to cut most hard materials and reinforced concrete. With laser welded corrugated segments. Suitable for dry or wet cutting.
  • Diatech CD15S with up to 1,600 cuts – can cut a concrete block in approximately eight seconds. It contains 11 mm diamond segments with slanted gullet. The superlight body helps you save fuel on your cut off saw, whilst the cooling holes prevent overheating.
  • Diatech CD15P with up to 1,200 cuts – the mid-range blade offers exceptional performance and can be used wet or dry.


Should I use a multi-use blade?

If your application is across various materials, you will find it more convenient to use a multi-use blade, saving you time and money switching between blades. However, if you’re working purely with concrete, choose a dedicated concrete blade for cutting lintels, concrete blocks, kerbstones or paving. We recommend using a dedicated asphalt diamond blade while solely cutting asphalt, tar, or bitmac.

If you choose a multi-use blade, select one with undercutting protection. Undercutting happens after prolonged blade use, cutting asphalt and abrasive materials, where the steel centre plate becomes worn before the cutting segments have reached the end of their useful life. Quality, well-designed blades provide Undercut protection, ensuring optimal cost per cut and delivering lifetime value.


So, who to choose?

We’re not shy to say that Diatech blades aren’t the cheapest, but we know that we lead the field if you’re looking for a blade that will deliver value. And, if you’re looking for the diamond blade that will give you the best value – then look no further.

What you can be confident about with the team at Diatech is that we will help you match the right blade with your need. As diamond blade experts, we have a wide range of blades to suit all applications. Whether you need a long-use blade or a multi-use product to reduce change over time, we can match you with the right blade.

As you’d expect, Diatech blades are designed for safety. The diamond segments are securely sintered or laser welded to the blade body.


If you’re looking for diamond blades that will make light work of cutting through concrete, why not call our team and have a chat?

We’ll help you find the diamond blade that’s right for your application.