First Class Asphalt Blade – Awesome price

Save over 57% off web prices*

Rated at 800 cuts, this premium laser welded segmented hot rolled asphalt diamond blade is available in six sizes to suit handheld saws and floor saws.With its high-quality segments, featuring three drop segments to prevent undercutting, these Diamond blades consistently outperform expectations. Suitable for dry or wet cutting on tarmac, hot rolled asphalt, green concrete and other highly abrasive applications.

So, here’s the deal
  • APR20 12″/300mm diameter blades
  • Buy 6 blades, get 1 additional free (you get 7 blades for £360)
  • Buy 12 blades, get 3 free (you get 15 blades for £720)
  • Save up to 57% off web prices
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* Subject to term and conditions

Terms and conditions
  • This deal applies to APR20 12″/300mm diameter blades only
  • Minimum order quantity is seven blades
  • No maximum order quantity, so stock up
  • Buy 6 blades, get 1 additional free (you get 7 blades for £360)
  • Buy 12 blades, get 3 free (you get 15 blades for £720)
  • Saving is over 57% off web prices
  • This deal can only be claimed by ordering with our sales team on 0800 916 8563
  • This deal cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional pricing.
  • Diatech may cancel this promotion at any time due to events beyond our control.
  • Diatech reserve the right to cancel, terminate, change or suspend this promotion at any time. We do not have any liability to you as a result of such a change.
  • We may update this promotions terms and conditions at any time and without any prior warning.
  • The Diatech CUT rating is based on tests for the number of cuts through the width of a medium density concrete block. It is not a guarantee, as individual application, materials and conditions vary.
  • These Terms and Conditions are in addition to the Terms of Business shown on our website
  • Deal valid 08:00 26.09.2022 to 15:00 10.10.2022