Hycon HCD50-200 Hydraulic Core Drill

£1,750.00 ex. VAT ( £2,100.00 inc VAT )

The HCD50-200 core drill is the most powerful and easily manageable handheld core drill available. It is perfect for any handheld coring in difficult accessible places where rigs or electric drills cannot be used.

Drilling in concrete pipes, ventilation holes, or just any type of job where handheld is the fastest way to get the job done. It is unaffected by water, dust, etc., and is very popular for sewage installations.

The fact that you can drill handheld up to Ø350 mm with no need for a drill rig opens a world of opportunities and massive time savings. However, for tough jobs, it fits in a standard drill rig.

The HCD50-200 has a built-in hydraulic torque limiter, which ensures max torque and no kickback, thanks to an automatic integrated security switch, which stops the core drill if the core bit jams. The integrated security is set from the factory and may not be disturbed.

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