Precision Drilling: Get Fast, Clean Cuts with Diatech’s Diamond Core Drill Bits

Precision drilling is so critical. Diatech’s line of wet and dry diamond core drill bits [...]

What happens if a blade is mounted the wrong way round?

If mounted the wrong way round, the blade is likely to perform 50% less efficiently. [...]

How do I know if my blade is mounted the correct way round?

You need to check the rotational direction of the machine before mounting a blade, and [...]

What’s the life expectancy of a Diatech diamond blade?

The number of cuts on the blade indicate its life expectancy. It is also dependent [...]

What is a medium bonded blade?

A medium bonded blade is what we classify as a multi-use blade. It covers a [...]

What’s the difference between hard bonded and soft bonded blades and what materials should they be used on?

Contrary to what you might think a hard bonded blade is used for soft and [...]

Why do some diamond blades have holes in them?

A blade that overheats loses its tension and then can’t be used. All the holes [...]

What does the term undercutting mean on a diamond blade?

Undercutting takes place when you are cutting asphalt or abrasive materials with a diamond blade. [...]

What PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) do I need?

For standard cutting with handheld tools, Diatech would recommend following HSE guidelines for operators to [...]

How do I reduce dust when using a Diatech diamond blade?

We highly recommend the use of the Diatech water dust suppression kit. This popular product [...]