November 11, 2020

Honda GX200 Generator for £99, or TS420 Stihl Saw for £249

Honda GX200 Generator for £99, or TS420 Stihl Saw for £249
Get more work sorted this Autumn. Choose from our stunning selection of 14” blades and get a Honda GX200 Generator for just £99, or a TS420 Stihl Saw for £249 when you spend £999 on Diatech diamond  blades.
  • CD15S – Concrete – Up to 1,600 cuts. Cuts through a concrete block in 8 seconds!
  • APR20 – Asphalt – Up to 800 cuts. With its high-quality segment featuring three drop segments to prevent undercutting, this diamond blade consistently outperforms expectations.
  • TD10 – Hard materials – Up to 800 cuts in hard Non-Abrasive Building Materials, including, clay roof tiles, granite and other hard stone products.
  • F1 Plus Multi-use – Up to 3000 cuts. The F1 Plus cuts Tar, Asphalt, Sandstone, Abrasive Materials and Paviors.
Call our friendly team on 01738 444606 to get the right selection of blades for your work and your generator or saw offer.