About Diatech

In the early years, Diatech focused on the tough Scottish market. The integrity and durability of our range of diamond cut, drill & grind has been ruthlessly tested by Scotland’s naturally challenging geology. Our success in this demanding market gave us the confidence to expand to other sectors, resulting in Diatech becoming a nationwide recognised brand.

After 125 years combined experience, expertise, research, extensive product analysis, development and innovation, a variety of unparalleled configurations of diamond cutting blades have been developed.

Meet the team

Our Products & Why Pink?

Our Products

Our cut, drill, grind products and related accessories have been developed with YOU, the customer, in mind:

  • They’re consistent in quality. If you buy a diamond product today and the same diamond product a month later it will perform the same – guaranteed.
  • They outperform our competitors offerings both in durability and longevity.
  • They’re part of a vast range which has been designed to meet every application and budget.


We want to be different, to stand out and be recognisable in this somewhat undefined market. The PINK enhances and makes the product easily identifiable. With clear markings, illustrating which material it cuts, and the ‘number of cuts’ it will make, we are the Diamond Blade gurus. The flawless clarity of the blade markings will guide you to the right product for your cutting application, and the number of cuts will denote the expected life of the blade. All the Diatech blades retain their identity for their full life, due to painted markings on the front, and the laser etch on the reverse.

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Among our team, we have a wealth of experience and expertise. We have all undergone thorough product analysis and training in our in-house academy, enabling us to give you the expert help you require.

Our blades and core drills have been developed with you, the customer, in mind. We’re here to make your job easy.  What could be more reassuring than to arrive on site with a blade that you know performs with durability and speed?

We’ll provide:

  • A sparking service – second to none!
  • On-tap technical advice – when you need it.
  • The best value for money.
  • A no-quibble guarantee.
  • A secure and easy transaction.

Above all, and most importantly, we’ll listen to you.

Investors in People

The Investors in People Standard sets out the criteria for high performance through people. It’s a simple framework to benchmark the effectiveness of leadership and management practices in any organisation. It’s a mark recognised across 75 countries. Diatech is proud to have been awarded the Silver accreditation. Click here to view our documentation.

Jeremy Burgess
Jeremy Burgess
Managing Director

“We will become the ‘supplier of choice’ for all forward thinking construction companies.

26 years on, every improvement and change along the way has been made with our customers at heart.

We are on a journey with our customers, our team, our suppliers, and our advisors. “

Alex Burgess
Alex Burgess
Commercial Director

“An experienced professional within the construction industry and graduate of the Advanced Business Management ABM postgraduate course with Merit, I currently work for Diatech, one of the UK’s premium diamond blade and core drill suppliers. My journey began 14 years ago in Diatech’s warehouse as a picker and packer and since then I have progressed through the ranks to become commercial director of the company. My role involves overseeing the marketing department, operations, the supply chain, research and development and negotiation; with the goal of providing the best possible product and service to our customers. Working closely with the MD and sales manager, I also provide input into the company’s business development strategy.”

Darryl Steed
Darryl Steed
Business Development Manager

“I have been supporting businesses within the construction industry over the last 5 years. A focused business development manager with a strong motivation and desire to meet and achieve all customers’ needs, always exceeding customers’ expectations.”

Marcus Bucci
Marcus Bucci
Business Development Manager

“Always providing a great customer service and building long term business relationships. Understanding what works and doesn’t work for customers to provide a tailored solution which demonstrates quality and value.”

Roz Eagle
Roz Eagle

“I have worked in range of various departments within Diatech which has helped me to understand the company as a whole. I enjoy being able to support customers and suppliers in my current role.”

Beth Lindsay
Beth Lindsay
Sales Ledger & Admin

“I have worked for Diatech for 5 years and feel at home in the company.  We have a great team and I love the work that I do.  Find a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life.”

Paul Edwards
Paul Edwards
Warehouse Supervisor

“I joined the Diatech team in 2020 as Warehouse Coordinator. No two days are the same and there’s loads of variety in the job. It’s great to be part of such a dynamic team.”

Adam Connolly
Adam Connolly
Warehouse Operative

“I joined the Diatech team in November 2020.  I have been made to feel welcome and valued in my role as warehouse assistant.  The opportunity I have been given provides me with a new range of challenges and opportunities allowing for personal and professional growth.  I am loving my job.”

Valued Suppliers

Diatech’s success has enabled us to become the trusted supplier of choice across the UK. Jeremy, our MD, says, “The demands and legislation surrounding the construction industry today are different to those that we knew in the 1990s, but by meeting those needs and partnering with our customers we have had continuous growth and this is why we are proud of the level of excellence that we can offer our customers.”