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The Ultimate Dust Buster

Get safer on-site cutting with a Makinex re-pressurising water tank. Lung disease affects thousands of [...]

Enjoy your next Tea Break on us when you purchase any 6 diamond blades, grinders or drill consumables.

Everyone deserves a break, especially if you are working hard. This week, we’ve packed some [...]

The Hero’s Choice: Fast Cutting when it Matters Most

When every second is literally a matter of life and death, fast cutting counts. Diatech’s [...]

It’s a Dram Fine Deal

With World Whisky Day taking place on 20th May, Diatech has teamed up with one [...]

More Power to your Elbow with Hycon Partnership

Did you know that Diatech is the main distributor for Hycon hydraulic products in Scotland? [...]

For Fast, Clean Cutting, it’s good to be Abrasive

Diatech’s abrasive blades for stone and metal cutting are perfect for precise, clean and accurate [...]

Why am I finding it impossible to cut my outdoor porcelain?

You need a special type of blade to be able to cut through outdoor porcelain, [...]