Helping bring Fibre to the property with Diatech…

Diatech are working with contractors across the UK & Ireland to help upgrade Fibre networks to provide fast, high quality broadband to thousands of homes and businesses.

This work demands serous performance when cutting roads and pavements.

Working in and around residential environments, operators need a safe solution capable of cutting hundreds of metres per day. Roads and pavements often consist of tough concrete and asphalt so it’s important that the cutting tool is versatile for this kind of work. Whether its for use with Road Saws of Hand-Held Saws operators cannot afford to spend time changing over spent tools.

Diatech have worked closely with contractors to develop the High Performance TD15 Multi-Use Diamond Blade. This blade is devastating on a variety of concrete and asphalt applications.

With 17mm Turbo segments it delivers hundreds of metres when cutting. Slanted gullets and extra cooling holes ensure the blade stays cool whether attached to a Road Saw or Hand-Held Saw.

The TD15 comes with Superwald Technology as standard. This weld strength is 6 X times the industry standard so operators can have peace of mind that they are cutting safely.

This is truly the number one choice for Utility works.