The Diamond Theory

Advancement in diamond blade manufacturing technology over the last decade has contributed to more efficient cutting of all construction products.

Operator and site safety has been of the greatest significance in developing new segment technology with the focus on welding methodology.

Quality Diamond Blades and Diamond Core Drills are manufactured to meet European standards and regulations and backed by the Diatech ISO9001 Quality Management Procedures.

We are proud to be the suppliers of the exclusive Diatech range to selected resellers across the UK.

All diamond blades consist of a high alloy tensioned steel core centre plate with diamond segments attached by laser weld, forge technology or sintering.  Segments comprise of diamond grit held by a metal alloy known as the bond.  The size and quality of the diamond grit varies as does the composition of the bond in each type of blade.

Diamond blades grind through material and according to the hardness of the bond, release and break down the diamond grit to give the disc its cutting edge.

A hard bonded blade is used for abrasive and softer material, whilst a softer bonded blade is required for harder materials such as reinforced concrete and hard stone.
Most laser welded, forge and sintered diamond blades function well cutting dry, whilst those with brazed segments require water for cooling

Regulatory requirement is for improved dust suppression and this is enabled by applying water to the blade, which in turn often improves blade life.